This is what my dermatologist does every week

Meso glow skin roller kit

You've heard me say it before: Take your dermatologist home with you! This is of course a metaphor, but I think you can do so much with your skin at home, with active products and treatments. What you do at home, daily and weekly, actually gives more results than one treatment every now and then in a skin care salon.

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A few weeks ago, one of my dermatologists shared her home treatment in our Facebook group . This was so requested afterwards, that we will also share it here.

The treatment consists of Double Peel , Meso Glow roller set , Skin Lifter , Aqua Mask and Green Tea Facial Mist .

Here is her recipe:

1: On freshly cleansed skin, I scrub for about 2 minutes with Double Peel. No need to scrub hard with your fingers, just make sure to keep it wet. The enzymes can not work well without water, so just massage it lightly with damp fingers all over the face. Wash off with a damp microfiber mitten.

2: I myself bring all the other products into the living room. Give me a glass of red wine. Turns on Netflix and does the treatment while I watch TV. Kos!

3: Apply 1 pipette of Meso serum, roll for 5 minutes evenly over the entire face. Take another pipette of Meso serum, roll for another 10 minutes. Finally, I spray on Facial Mist, and roll over so that the last remnant of the needles dissolve and end up in the skin. The needles dissolve more easily on moist skin.

4: Breaks an ampoule, and puts a dab on the forehead. Takes a pump of Aqua Mask directly on the probe of the Skin Lifter and locks it in. This is what I do all over my face, and divide it into 3 areas (forehead + cheek / nose + cheek / chin) so that the ampoule does not pull in until I get there with Skin Lifter. If it gets dry, I spray on a spray with Face Mist, so that the probe glides more easily. Spends about 10 minutes on the whole face.

5: Finishes with night cream , just to put a "little lid" on it all before I go to bed.

6: Can't wait to wake up with hydrated, fresh skin tomorrow!

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