My biggest wish is that you will experience what a difference my products can make to your skin. To achieve results, a good skin care routine is a must and then it is wise to have products at a fixed discount.

Then you are guaranteed to always have the products delivered before you run out, and you have a varied selection that is good for the skin. In addition, you can save several hundred kroner every time!

With us, you can have single products at a fixed discount with up to 20% discount , or you can have one of our exclusive VIP Packages permanently delivered with up to 30% discount + gift in each package. You choose what suits you.


You choose either one product or a package, and you choose how often you want it delivered to you. The denser the interval, the better the discount. If you cancel the package, you will return to discount level 1 again.

You can change products in the package from time to time if you need something else for the next delivery. You can also change the interval along the way, and you can change the next delivery date. You do all this by logging in to the online store, go to your profile / Fast Rabatt and you will find a full overview there. There is no lock-in period, you can cancel yourself or contact us.


As a VIP customer, you always have a discount on the package you choose. The discount is greater for each delivery, as we want to reward regular customers over time. After 3 deliveries, the discount is constant. The shorter the interval, the better the discount.

The package arrives directly in the mailbox at the agreed time, so you do not have to think about it.

In addition, you always get free shipping on everything you order and you always get a gift in your package. If you end the regular delivery, these benefits will of course lapse.


We can help you put together your perfect package according to your wishes and needs. You can take our Skin Care Test or book a free Online Skin Consultation with our skin care professionals. You will also find good information on the packages in the link below.

our vip packages

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