EGF anti-aging treatment: Next level skincare!

Now you can take your anti-aging treatment to a whole new level with the super-ingredients EGF and IGF (growth factor). With these, we have another weapon in the fight against skin aging, in a way that no other active ingredient can match. Vegan, of course!

Growth factors are neurotransmitters that are found naturally in our body and that cause the cells to behave as they should. As we get older, we produce much less growth factor and the cells become "lazy", they simply do a worse job.

What is EGF?

Growth factors are proteins that stimulate cell growth and cell function. They cause the cells to divide, grow and produce proteins such as collagen, the basic building block of the skin. With increased collagen production, the skin becomes thicker and wrinkles smaller.

When we are children, the body is full of this, but the older we get, the less we produce. You know the difference between how fast a wound in a child heals, versus an adult? It is a direct result of the amount of growth factor actually. Everything is going slower and slower, because we produce less and less of it. However, clinical tests show that by applying this to the skin, we "trick" the skin into thinking it is younger! All processes go faster, better and more correctly - simply that the skin behaves more as it did when it was younger.

Antiage Boost System

The Antiage Cure The Antiage Boost System consists of three pipette bottles with a growth factor - one for the morning, one for the evening and one for the eye area. The concentrates are as thin as water, and are a supplement to your other products. They are used under serum and cream, as a 30 day cure, or you can use them every day if you wish.

The product package is not sensitizing on the skin, so it is suitable for all ages (over 30 years, as the need is less for the younger ones) and all skin types.

EGF Funfact:

We have extra EGF in saliva, urine and tears. Tears come when we get an injury, and instinctively we put our finger in our mouth if it gets a cut. There is especially a lot of EGF in the urine of infants, so that they do not get sore on the stump. Is not the body marvelous?

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