Cocktail Your Skin!

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    Boost your skincare routine

    The metaphor I love about taking the dermatologist home to your own bathroom has been taken to a new level! These boosters are designed for you to be able to mix and blend and tailor your skin care products , so that they fit perfectly to YOUR skin, and help with YOUR skin challenges.

    Do you have a cream you just love, but which could have contained a little more moisture? Do you have a facial serum that helps with most things, but you could imagine even more active anti-aging? These concentrates enhance your creams and serums , whether you want more moisture, more glow, more tightening or less pigment spots.

    And if you really want to give the skin powder, the boosters can be used alone, under serum and cream. It is also possible to mix several boosters together. Mix & match!

    There are 4 different boosters , and everyone can find one or more that suit them. These are thin concentrates with active ingredients, which pull down into the skin and do not stay on the surface. The molecules are small and affect the skin cells that form in the epidermis. The goal is to influence the skin to function as optimally as possible, and thus it will also feel and look healthier and fresher.


    Vitamin A Booster turns any serum or cream into an effective anti-aging product, and you can easily adjust the strength of your skin. Retinol is known to increase cell activity and the skin appears smoother. This powerful retinol concentrate treats signs of aging, reduces acne, repairs sun damage, reduces pigmentation spots and evens out skin tone. You get a firmer, smoother and more radiant skin as a result.

    (Should be used at night. Remember sun factor when treating the skin with vitamin A!)


    Peptide Booster is suitable for sagging skin, where the connective tissue is weakened. The skin is strengthened, firmer and the elasticity improves, as the skin's own collagen and elastin production is increased. Peptide Booster specifically targets the signs of aging in the skin, to treat everything from an uneven skin tone to fine lines and wrinkles. The specialized, cell-communicating ingredients teach skin cells to function as if they were young again, by strengthening their own repair abilities. Together with amino acids, antioxidants and moisturizing ingredients, Peptide Booster repairs and protects the skin's barrier and increases its natural resistance.


    Radiance Booster can inhibit the tyrosinase activity of the skin, which can reduce pigmentation. Tyrosinase is the enzyme that converts tyrosine to melanin (pigment). Antioxidants protect the skin from free radicals and other degradation. The skin can get a smoother and clearer surface with more glow. Remember to always use a high sun factor during the day to reduce the chance of new hyperpigmentations and sun damage.


    Hydration Booster is suitable for dehydrated and sensitive skin, which needs extra moisture. The skin appears firmer, smoother and more radiant when you get it saturated with moisture. This booster contains nanohyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is produced naturally in the body, and binds an enormous amount of moisture. The small hyaluronic acid molecules we use here make the skin softer, counteracts moisture loss, dryness lines, dandruff and sagging skin. Combine with a rich moisturizer for maximum moisture balance.

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