Advanced skin Serum

More than ever, it is relevant to "be your own skin care" in your own bathroom. It may not be believed, but you can achieve amazing results with your skin at home, the key is to use active products and do effective treatments regularly. What you do at home, daily and weekly, actually gives better results than one treatment every now and then in a skin care salon. But - then you have to "step it up", and make it advanced at home.

You will need the following treatment products for advanced skin:

    Fetching products

    To achieve good results, it is important not to be careless with the daily cleaning routine. Cleanse the skin morning and night, and to get a little extra speed on the results; apply some of the Meso Glow Serum on clean skin, until the bottle is empty (included with the Meso Glow Skin Roller Kit). Finish with your serum + day / night cream as normal.

    Example of treatment plan per week:

    Sunday: AHA Peel
    Monday: One Skin Gym Ampoule (before night cream)

    Wednesday: First Instant Glow Double Peel, then Meso Glow Skin Roller. Use the Skin Lifter to infuse the Skin Gym ampoule after the Roller treatment. Finish with Aqua Radiance Mask.
    Friday: Instant Glow Double Peel, then Aqua Radiance Mask for 20 min. Wash off with a damp cloth. Apply one Skin Gym ampoule before night cream.
    Saturday : One Skin Gym Ampoule (before night cream)

    Maximum anti-aging effect? Use the Anti Age Boost regimen at the same time! It is a 30-day treatment with the super-ingredient EGF, which takes skin care to the next level. For maximum effect, you can also combine both variants of Skin Gym ampoules, by changing every other week. Energy & Glow ampoules are suitable for everyone, while the Repair & Rebuild ampoules contain active ingredients and are not suitable for sensitive skin.

      Fetching products