• 6 week

It is said that it takes three weeks to establish a new habit. To help both you and your skin get used to a new routine, we have started the "6 Week Skin Challenge"! Together we make an effort to achieve new glow, elasticity and a little younger skin before Easter, and after this start of the year, I think most of us will enjoy it!

Whether you have used my products before or not, you can both learn and be inspired through this challenge. Every week we share a new video with tips and motivation, there will be competitions and we answer questions. You can follow all this weekly via our Facebook group: " Beauty talk with Linda " Watch the video below where I explain more!

Get expert help in your own bathroom!
With help from me and my therapists, we will together inspire and help you through your skin transformation. Everything happens at home in your bathroom, and you do the work. That way, everyone can join!

To find the products that are right for YOUR skin and YOUR wishes, we recommend either taking the Skin Care Test or see our suggestions for home treatments below.

Let's do this!


Whatever you want to achieve with your skin, we have products that are right for you! Whether you are sensitive, want a basic routine or want to go all in to get maximum anti-aging treatment. We have put together suggestions for packages with treatments, and you can choose which one suits you best.
Everyone who buys a product package on a Wednesday in March receives a free starter kit worth more than NOK 500. The gift includes a headband, mask brush, mini scented candles and a shopping net - everything you need for a good home treatment in your own bathroom.

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    We recommend having a separate VIP package on your daily products, then you actually get up to 30% discount every time! As long as you use at least 4 of our products, it will pay off. You can change products and packages along the way so the possibilities are many. Read more.

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